webgetpics: command line tool to set pictures from web search as X desktop background

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I thought it'd be cool to project random images from web search on the wall in my apartment. Sort of a live poster, which changes the picture every once in a while. Hardware parts wasn't a problem - 320x240 projector for $50 and Raspberry Pi for $35 did great job for a price. Though I couldn't find an open-source tool to fetch random pictures from the web, so I wrote one. Hope you'll have as much fun with it as I do!



It runs continuously as a daemon, gets URLs from web image search, downloads images, resizes, and sets random image from current search query as X desktop background every now and then.

Can be controlled through file system via echo and touch. I use SSH client on my smartphone as remote control.

Available commands include: change search query, skip image, blacklist controls.

Global and per-query blacklists. You can block image from appearing in current query or all queries.

Offline cache. All images are stored on disk. If network goes offline, slide show continues with what was already downloaded.

Adjustable download speed limit.

Duplicate images are skipped in slide show. Duplicate detection is based on pixel data, so identical images get detected even if they were downloaded from different websites, have different names and different metadata.

Built with 30% more love than closest competitor!

Copyright 2015 Oleg Plakhotniuk